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November 23, 2008

"So, is Crested Butte going to remain a ski town or try to become a mining town again?" a scruffy, flannel-wearing Grand Junction gentleman asked me yesterday as I was working as a rep for CBMR.

"I sure hope we remain the ski destination we've worked hard to become and not try to resort to mining which would ruin CB's tourism economy," I responded not knowing what he'd think of that - generally when I am in GJ or Montrose the belief is we should and will have a mine here in CB.

"Well, I sure as hell hope so! Why can't they just mine in Leadville where we desperately need a mine!" he agreed with me.

Freeport-McMoRan, parent company to the Climax and Henderson mine, announced last week that the Climax mine project would be put on hold until at least 2010 after 26 years of dormancy. Yet, CEO of Thompson Creek Metals, Kevin Loughrey, says they are all go-ahead for a mine on Mount Emmons and just a little protesting won't deter them.

My question is: If you want moly, and there is a community just 80 or so miles away begging for a mine with moly deposits, why not mine there and leave a town that does not want you or your mine alone? The NIMBY issue is a real one, especially when folks in Leadville are PIMBY - "please in my back yard!"
Posted by Nina Cotton


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